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Renault Twizy Sport F1 Concept – the French electric surprise

The Renault Sport division of the French manufacturer has developed a concept based on the electric Renault Twizy, named Renault Twizy Sport F1. It is stronger and faster, and comes equipped with a KERS system.

Renault Twizy Sport F1

Renault Twizy Sport F1 Concept

Renault Twizy – the electric vehicle of the French car manufacturer, received a special edition made by the Renault Sport division. We are talking about a concept called Renault Twizy Sport F1, which has become more powerful and it is now equipped with a KERS system.

Renault Twizy Sport F1 – Design & Engine

The Renault Twizy Sport F1 is a collaboration between the Renault Sport and Renault Sport F1 engineers, who worked together and applied Formula 1 technology into the electric car.

The amendments brought to the electric stock car involved removing the passenger seat, adding a new battery and several interior and exterior changes. Renault Twizy Sport F1 has an additional electric motor that gives an extra 79 horsepower to the original 17 horsepower propeller.

Unlike other Renault Sport creations, this concept will never become reality. Another difference is that the Renault Twizy Sport F1 is heavier than the Renault Twizy model on which it is based, the 91 kilograms (200.6 lbs) difference between the two is represented by the KERS system.

Thanks to the KERS system, there’s a button on the Twizy’s steering wheel – inspired by those used by the Formula Renault 3.5 cars, enabling acceleration to 109 km/h (68 mph). Renault Twizy Sport F1 has a ratio of 1 horsepower at 5.8 kilograms (12.8 lbs), compared to standard ratio of 1 horsepower 25 kilograms (55.1 lbs).

In terms of aesthetics, Renault Twizy Sport F1 has an extravagant exterior body kit that includes a set of side skirts, a rear air diffuser, a set of front and rear bumpers, and slick tires. To remind of the old Renault Formula 1 race cars, the French have applied a combination of black and yellow bodywork color.

Renault Twizy Sport F1

“We always said we wanted to create F1-derived technology that was road relevant! Hopefully, this Twizy will make a few people smile while also making a serious point. The project was led by Renault Sport F1 and Renault Sport Technologies, working in close conjunction with Renault’s electric vehicle development department. KERS is a very complex system and integrating it into another electric vehicle was a very serious endeavour, but they managed to make it work, delivering a huge boost of power safely and efficiently. I’m not sure we’ll be seeing many of these on our roads, but it does show that the same principles we see on the race track can be filtered down to the road legal range – this is just the evil elder brother!” Jean-Michel Jalinier (President and Managing Director, Renault Sport F1)

“As far as styling was concerned, we wanted to avoid falling into the trap of simply producing a steroid-fed Twizy. We therefore worked closely with Renault Design to find a way of incorporating Formula 1 cues on a vehicle of this size. Although Twizy’s forms clearly distinguish it from a single-seater race car, you can see numerous echoes of the world of grand prix racing.” Tarik Ait Said (Project Coordinator, Twizy Renault Sport F1).

“Twizy Renault Sport F1 serves quite simply as a bridge between the excellence of Renault’s F1 technology and the brand’s electric vehicle expertise. Carrying over racing technology for use with a production car without having to make major modifications to the latter was not as straightforward as it may seem and was a significant technological challenge. The development of Twizy Renault Sport F1 called for some very careful thought.” Guillaume Brotonne (Technical Manager, Twizy Renault Sport F1)

Renault Twizy Sport F1 Video

Renault Twizy Sport F1 Wallpaper [photo gallery]

Renault Twizy Sport F1 via Renault Sport

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