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Peugeot SxC Concept

Peugeot will present at the Auto Shanghai 2011 the SxC Concept. It prefigures a promising future compact crossover design.

Peugeot shows today the surprise they prepared, along with its collaborators from China for the Shanghai Auto Show 2011. It’s about Peugeot SxC Concept, the prototype from which will arise in the near future a French compact crossover.

Peugeot SxC Concept was designed and developed by Peugeot Technology Center in Shanghai, but its lines are full harmony with the new line of Peugeot concepts they introduced at the last major international auto shows, and that have already found the way to series production trough the new 508.

SxC name is an acronym that comes from Shanghai Cross Concept, the prototype that Peugeot brings at the most important auto show in China representing the French vision regarding future production model to rival the Nissan Qashqai. Peugeot concept however proposed a more courageous approach of such a model, sculptural lines, refined and with a strong expression for the front and rear. Headlights of the concept are an evolution already drawn on the SR1, BB1, EX1 and HR1 concepts, the new Peugeot logo was found very high on the hood and located almost horizontally. Line projectors area remember a boomerang shape, it is also found in the back, where lights take the same philosophy. At a glance from the side stand  out antagonistic doors with opposite opening element that has a high chance to be included and on the future production model derived from Peugeot SxC Concept.

As expected, Peugeot does not miss any opportunity to promote its revolutionary new hybrid system that will make its debut this year on Peugeot 3008. HYbrid4 package is present, also on the SxC Concept , each of the two engines (one electric and one diesel) engaging an axle of the car. We are talking about a 4×4 hybrid at a time when two engines operate in parallel. Also, those who will command the new system will receive a 100% electric mode, the engine operating solely using the battery to a limited number of miles.

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