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Paris Motor Show 2010: Renault DeZir

DeZire is the latest concept car of the French brand, proudly presented by its ambassadors at Paris Motor Show 2010. The French manufacturers consider it a pioneer in the automobile industry: the car heralding a new design language and a new technological direction which will be adopted by Renault in the near future.

Renault DeZir combines in a Kevlar body defining elements which will characterize the new Renault generation: electricity, sensual lines and minimalism. These attributes are part of the “Drive the Change” philosophy, asserted for the next five years and explained by the Renault ambassadors through the words “simple”, “sensual” and “warm”. Regardless of these big words, we have seen at Paris Motor Show a concept car that will inspire the design of a new range of cars.

Laurens van den Acker is the designer who made the appearance of this car possible. Moreover, Renault representatives tell us that there will also be great changes in the creation process of the vehicles: from now on, a single team of designers will be responsible for every concept car and the production car it represents.

Renault DeZir has a dream body. If we try to look into the future, the French manufacturers would be inspired to use on their series cars the unique DeZir grill as it would bring a new look to the classic Renault. The sideways design lines of the concept cannot predict a series vehicle, but it would be interesting if Renault could find a solution to mask the front pillars and create a cleaner and simpler design for their cars, similar with the one of the concept.

Renault DeZir is powered by an electric engine placed in a rear-center position in order to optimize the axle load distribution. The engine is helped by a lithium-ion battery that provides 24 Kw/h and has autonomy of 160 km. The concept’s engine develops 150 bhp and 226 Nm of torque, while the battery can be charged from a common outlet (for 8 hours) or from a 400V (for 30 minutes). Moreover, the used battery can be replaced with a new one at a gas station, thanks to the Quick Drop system implemented by Renault.

Due to its Klevlar body and composite materials, Renault DeZir has a much reduced weight (830 kg) and a Cd drag coefficient of 0.25. The result? DeZir reaches from 0 to 100 Km/h in just 5 seconds and from 0 to 50 km/h in 2 seconds! The concept’s maximum speed is 180Km/h.

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