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Paris Motor Show 2010: Opel Astra GTC

At Paris Motor Show 2010, Opel has presented a truly dazzling car. Opel Astra GTC Concept, as the name suggests, is in the “concept” stage, announcing the debut of the three-door hatchback Opel Astra vehicle.

The design team desired to create a sculptural and dynamic look for their concept and in the same time, to offer the vehicle the typical German attributes. Thus, the result of their work can be considered a real success. The Opel manufacturers chose to emphasize the playful side of the brand, and not just to highlight the practical one.

“And speed was true beauty” is the quotation from Jonathan Livingston’s “Seagull”, which seems to have inspired the creators of the concept. If others are inspired by music when drawing the interior or exterior of a car, Opel designers find their inspiration in books. However, their method works, as we can admire at Paris Motor Show 2010 a gorgeous 4.46 meters concept.

Opel Astra GTC Concept announces the appearance of a compact car, having room for five passengers and being mainly interested in creating a comfortable atmosphere for the driver.

Beginning with the exterior fluid and minimalist lines and continuing with an interior that introduces its passengers in the playground of the latest technology gadgets, Opel Astra GTC Paris Concept wishes to announce that its creators are not joking about the future Opel Astra GTC execution. The front side of the vehicle has a much sharper shape than the one of the five-door Astra GTC variant and also, the headlights are penetrating deep into the wings. The back of the car is dominated by the new LED taillights and the spoiler which is placed above the rear window. Opel GTC is 4 cm longer than its five-door ancestor. Yet, its dimensions are well hidden in the roof and telescope lines.

Moreover, as there are a few months left until the new Astra GTC is going to be seen on the European roads, the Opel creators wished to mention that the technology used on the displayed GTC Concept at Paris Motor Show 2010 will be available for all the cars in this range. The Opel Astra GTC Paris Concept is equipped with a specially designed chassis, a compound Watts crank (available also in the case of Opel Insignia), an adaptive mechatronic Flexi Ride suspension, front electronic differential and 21-inch wheels.

Under the hood, there is an improved 2.0-liter turbo engine with direct injection, which can be analyzed by the potential future buyers at Paris Motor Show. Furthermore, the car is equipped with Start/Stop technology and a six-gear manual transmission (for fuel economy). The standard engine produces around 200 hp, while the VXR version will reach up to 300 hp, being equipped with a LSD differential.

Opel Astra GTC is likely to enter on the auto market next year and most “critics” believe that it will be a best-seller for Opel.

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