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Paris Motor Show 2010: Mazda Shinari Concept

Paris, the city of love, has been totally seduced by the new Mazda Shinari. After all, who could resist the tempting design of the unique Japanese concept presented in detail at Paris Motor Show 2010?

Baptized Shinari, the new concept illustrates a four-door coupe, with smooth lines, which successfully combines vivacity and elegance in order to obtain an exceptional result. Moreover, Mazda Shinari Concept promotes the new language of the Japanese design, known as “Kodo”. In case you are wondering what this word means, I can tell you that it best describes the essence of the car- “soul of motion”. Thus, the old Nagare has disappeared and the new Kodo is preparing to make its entrance on the automobile market.

The new Japanese design language was created through the collaboration of Mazda studios in Germany, The United States and Japan. Mazda Shinari Concept is a dynamic sculpture through which the Japanese manufacturers prefigure the lines of Mazda future models. However, it will be quite difficult to adapt Shinari designing elements in order to create the upcoming Mazda 6. The front and back sides of the car are really small and the frontal wheels are placed very close to the beam, being a main characteristic of the rear-wheel-drive variants. The front fenders of Mazda Shinari are very arched, its manufacturers being inspired by the RX-8. Moreover Shinari’s grill, headlights and tail lights are elements easy to imagine on the future Mazda 6.

Having a length of 4.89 meters, a width of 1.97 meters and a height of only 1.35 meters, Mazda Shinari Concept seems a four-door coupe, the kindred of Aston Martin Rapide. The glass surfaces are truly small, excepting the windshield which is large and lean. The “slim” side mirrors embody two video cameras which will project images on the multifunctional interior display. Inside the Mazda Shinari, the driver will be amazed by the car’s dashboard which is a tech masterpiece. The cockpit surrounds the driver and some of the controls are hidden on the center control panel. Furthermore, the triangular display may slide toward the driver. The stylish “shell” seats remind us that Mazda Shinari is a concept and that they will probably not be available for Mazda 6. In the back of the car we noticed that the spoiler is integrated into the boot lid. The rear window is large and curved.

The double exhaust pipes have the shape of thin diagonal lines. The rear spoiler embodies an air diffuser-without having an aerodynamic function, as the future Mazda 6 will be a more “tamed” vehicle.

Mazda Shinari represents the effort of the Japanese manufacturers to position their medium and high class vehicles in the premium segment, in line with BMW, Mercedes and Audi. Thus, this requires a qualitative leap and a better understanding of the European customers’ desires.

However, the new Mazda Shinari, proudly displayed at Paris Motor Show 2010, “translates”, from its language, only positive emotions and also inspires the vision of a futuristic, reliable technology.

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