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Paris Motor Show 2010: Jaguar CX-75

Jaguar is celebrating 75 years of existence through the spectacular concept presented at Paris Motor Show 2010. Baptized C-X75, the concept car is powered by electric engines, forecasting the future Jaguar vehicles.

Jaguar C-X75 marks 75 years of existence for the British brand. The inspiration for this concept was found in the brand’s emblematic vehicles as C-Type and D-Type (from 1950) or XJ13 Le Mans prototype (1966).

Beyond its phenomenal look, Jaguar CX-75 concept presents a futuristic propulsion system. Four electric engines are bouncing the car up to 330 km/h, reaching 100 km/h in just 3.4 seconds. The Jaguar CX-75 performances are provided by these four engines installed in every wheel, each producing 195 bhp and together totaling an output of 780 bhp. The maximum torque is also impressive, acquiring a total value of 1600 Nm.

Moreover, the gas micro turbines introduced in the Jaguar CX-75 concept, weighting just 35 kilograms each, were created together with Bladon Jets. These micro turbines run on gasoline and can produce enough electricity for charging the batteries of the concept. Jaguar CX-75 can run on electric power just 110 km (the driver having the possibility to recharge it from standard electrical outlets). Then, the micro turbines start generating energy. During their functioning, the vehicle’s carbon dioxide emissions are of only 29 g/km. Also, based on the existence of 60 liters of fuel in its tank, CX-75 can guarantee a theoretical autonomy of more than 900 km.

The Jaguar CX-75 body is made of aluminum and the rear diffuser is conceived of carbon fiber. The seats are immovable, oppositely, all elements of control can be adjusted by the driver. The steering wheel, the pedals, the instrument panel- all can be adapted in order to give the driver total control of the car. The glamorous interior sensation is given by the leather upholstery and by the three high-resolution TFT screens which present driver information, with readouts and displays switchable between all screens. Furthermore, an enchanting lighting system is activated as you approach the concept; a dazzling blue light illuminates the perimeter of the cabin and the turbines. If the car is started, the door and the bulkhead speakers become immersed in a blue gentle light.

“The aim was to produce not only the most innovative but also one of the most beautiful Jaguar ever; one which hints at an exciting evolution of the marque’s award-winning design language while paying homage to some of its most admired cars of years gone by.

This is what Jaguar ambassadors had to say about their glistening jewel at Paris Motor Show. We must admit that they managed to reach their goal.

However, the Jaguar CX-75 is just a concept. The Jaguar manufacturers wished to show what type of Jaguar might exist in the future.

From another point of view, the super car can be considered a tribute to the people who designed the amazing and unique Jaguars that are revered to this day. It also confirms Jaguar’s reputation for engineering excellence.

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