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Paris Motor Show 2010: Citroen Lacoste Concept

Citroen Lacoste Concept is the image of innovative simplicity and fashionable boldness. Being at the crossroads of fashion and motoring, Citroen Lacoste concept is the creation of two of the most important French brands.

The concept sets in one’s mind the idea of constant pleasure and holiday. Citroen Lacoste is a simplified approach to automobiles, starting from the basic principles, but in the same time adding a certain degree of refinement in order to provide the owner with the feeling of irresistible freshness and carefree existence. The vehicle was created for those aiming to live an active lifestyle.

From a technological point of view, the concept is part of a playful record that underlines the paradox between the design performance and the ease of boarding. The Lacoste concept transforms a trip into a novel adventure, an unmatched sensorial experience.

Citroen Lacoste Concept is presented as being a “shared vision of boldness, creativity and optimism”. Some would say that the optimism comes from the fact that it doesn’t have a roof to face the bleak French winter. In reality, the Citroen Lacoste has an auto-inflatable hood that deploys along the roof backbone.

However, Citroen Lacoste is considered to be the vehicle of the future, a sophisticated car which is encouraging Citroen approach to focus on essential elements to create original, affordable and quality designs. Citroen Lacoste concept demonstrates that there can also be other types of cars besides the compact ones. Sober, but chic, stylish and relaxed, at first glance this vehicle reveals a sports morphology: a raised silhouette, textured wings, a false tiny door, tires placed in the four corners of the car and also golf ball type wheels. A sensational feature of the door-less vehicle is the T-shaped structure that extends back to the boot. The color scheme, the fabric covering the seats and also the design of the wheels are fashion icons of Lacoste. The interior has splashes of yellow and blue, bench seats, many storage compartments and clever references to Lacoste apparel.  The concept offers a very open-air experience due to the broad cut-outs that replace the doors, the lack of the roof and a windscreen that can be lowered out of sight. It measures in at 136 inches long, 71 inches wide, 60 inches tall, and has a 91-inch-long wheelbase. Citroen Lacoste is finished in a pearlescent white and dark blue paint scheme, stressed by bright green hues.

The instrument panel has no instruments; there is a screen that stretches the length of the dashboard which displays information (direction, speed, etc.) in oversized pixels resembling a classic video game.

The vehicle has a three-cylinder petrol engine which is considered to be powerful enough to propel the vehicle at an alert pace without polluting the air. However, Citroen says that speed is not the goal here.

Even if Citroen describes the concept as an “emblem for a state-of-mind and a lifestyle”, most of the car addicts see it as a “beach buggy”.

Unfortunately, Citroen Lacoste is just a design study and will probably never get to see the production line. Still, it will be an attraction at Paris Motor Show 2010!

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  1. All my clothes are from Lacoste. This is fantastic brand – quality and beautiful

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