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Official: Renault Frendzy – full info and pictures

Renault has published official information and pictures of its newest concept: Frendzy. The prototype seeks to combine the family side of a car with an utility vehicle full of gadgets and wants to be the concept from which will arise the future Kangoo.

As promised, Renault came back with details and official images of new Frendzy, the fourth study design thought by Laurens van den Acker, the creative man from Renault. The official communique stated that Renault Frendzy is trying to keep place of a true companion, which can combine professional and personal life.

Exterior Design

The two uses of the concept are highlighted by asymmetric bodywork. On the left is highlighted the family side of the model, with an opposite opening of the doors. On the right side, Renault Frendzy comes with a sliding rear doors opening, evoking the utility side of the vehicle.

Another difference created by the usage patterns is positioning of the rear view mirrors. When used for freight transport they are upright. When Renault Frendzy becomes a family car, it uses the mirrors horizontally, giving to the interior ambient an orange light.

One of the designers who worked on the project claims that commercial vehicles can have an emotional side. Renault Frendzy‘s architecture was influenced by the famous aircraft cockpits as Airbus Beluga and Antonov 224.

35-inch touch screen and BlackBerry Tablet

The main gadget of the electric concept is a 35 inch digital screen that can be fixed on the sliding glass door when the utility vehicle driver intends to leave short messages such as Returning in 5 minutes. In the weekend when Renault Frendzy becomes a family car, the touch screen can be turned in to a tablet by the passengers from the rear seats.

Also when speaking of gadgets should be noted that Renault Frendzy uses the BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet, recently introduced on the market, with a portable design, a 7-inch touch screen and a processor favoring Internet traffic. The BlackBerry Tablet is positioned on the center console in the driver’s armrest, which can also be used as the main instrument of evidence during its transport activities as well as a control panel for the rear touch screen display.

60 horsepower electric motor

As expected, Renault Frendzy adopts an electric propulsion engine, similar to that from Kangoo ZE, but with a power supply socket positioned frontal identical to that of Zoe. The engine develops 60 horsepower and a torque of 226 Nm, sufficient resources to propel the concept to a speed of 130 km/h.

The novelty is the variety of sounds that Renault Frendzy can emit when running in order to warn pedestrians of its presence. As you may guessed, sounds differ depending on the concept’s mission: utility or family.

Video: Renault Frendzy Concept Car Presentation

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