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Official: BMW M5 Concept

The future BMW M5, which will be officialised in the autumn at Frankfurt, and will be inspired 99% from the BMW M5 Concept, which the Germans have it officially presented today.

2012 BMW M5 Concept

2012 BMW M5 Concept

After this morning we saw the first real photos of the new BMW M5 Concept, the Bavarian manufacturer has today published on its website, a complete photo gallery with the prototype from which will arise, at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the new BMW M5 generation. Based on the last version of the 5 Series, drum-rolled and trumpets launched last year worldwide, the new BMW M5 is in line with high performance sedans that BMW began to make in 1984.

BMW M5 Concept photo gallery

BMW M5 Concept Design & Technology

Under the hood of the BMW M5 Concept will be a V8 TwinTurbo, BMW not releasing much info about it in the press release attached to the photo gallery. It is very clear is that the new engine will be stronger and 25% cheaper than the one it replaces, the voices from the international media even speak of a maximum power of 550-600 hp/unit. Transmission is ensured by a seven-speed automatic gearbox and double clutch calibrated by M GmbH division.

Very interesting is the fact that the new BMW M5 will be provide with four drive modes. Thus, in addition to the “classics” Comfort, Sport and Sport Plus, the driver will enjoy the new M module, when the car becomes a beast.

The external aesthetic differences of the BMW M5 Concept compared to the BMW 5 Series are not radical, the German designers preferring to lean on technical changes to make a difference with the new M5. And yet, the future model will be impossible to ignore on the road due to different bumper with three large air inlets for efficient engine cooling.

The wheels we see on the new BMW M5 Concept will most likely come for the M5 series version. We are talking about a set of alloy wheels with 20 inch tires 265/35 ZR20. Above the front wheels to note another distinctive BMW M5 Concept feature: chrome side bearing obviously M5 logo.

At the rear is impossible to ignore the chrome exhaust system, the spoiler fin mounted on the trunk lid and the rear spoiler which changes the channel wind speeds.

BMW M5 Concept Video – Exclusive drive:

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