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Mercedes A-Klasse Concept

The year 2012 will mark the beginning of the production of a model inspired by the A concept presented by MercedesBenz at the Shanghai Auto Show. Mercedes A-Klasse Concept looks promising and predict a model with a special appearance.

Mercedes will present at the Shanghai Auto Show the concept which predicts the future of A-Klasse. 2012 Mercedes A-Klasse Concept wants to become a rival for sportiness and quality for Audi A3 and BMW 1 Series. Debut for the series version will take place in 2012, and if it will keep some of the aesthetic features of the concept, already talking in terms of aesthetic success. The new line of design at MercedesBenz began to show the beauty, and this concept is one of promising models made ​​in the design language introduced with the Fascination Concept.

The main difference between the A-Klasse Concept and production version is at ceiling level which will be slightly higher and will have a large panoramic glass sunroof. Under the new platform will hide the new MAF body, dedicated just for Mercedes-Benz models, which will have a multilink rear suspension and independent front suspension. There is still no information about engines, but chances are that they are developed and produced by Mercedes-Benz and Renault alliance to reduce costs. There is however a confirmed engine – 2.0-liter turbocharged otto unit with a turbine, which provides 204 horsepower and comes with a double-clutch transmission with seven gears. Regarding diesels, they will provide between 130 and 180 from a 2.2 liter unit. In addition, there is the possibility of developing an AMG version equipped with a 320 hp 2.0 turbo engine.

The interior of Mercedes A-Klasse Concept is another interesting element, emphasizing quality. Mercedes-Benz say that all plastics and decorations are taken from C-Klasse, which represents a significant advancement in quality – but this is true only if we are talking about a W204 generation Facelift. Interior theme is represented by central illuminated dials and air slots with the same form, which Mercedes-Benz Germans say they are inspired by the idea of ​​a jet engine.

Video Teaser – Mercedes A-Klasse Concept:

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