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Lamborghini Ankonian – Concept

The Lamborghini Reventon, inspired by a fighter jet, offers a virtual version and mix of utopian and Reventon Murcielago LP640, the fruit of a union with an F117 Night Hawk stealth fighter American. The result is a supercar tortured, angular, aggressive, classy, bestial traits that could almost evoke a concept unveiled by the manufacturer in two rafters at the last Mondial de l’Automobile in Paris.

Lamborghini Ankonian

Lamborghini Ankonian Concept  2013

Lamborghini Ankonian – Concept

It’s not too long ago it turned on the IAA 2009 Lamborghini before the fighter jet as Reventon sports roadster, the successor comes as a concept car now, therefore, virtually. The angular Ankonian comes from the pen of design students Slavche Tanevsky from the FH Munich.

The Stealth combines striking design language of the Reventon, the young Italian designer with an elegant touch. The triangular area of the study can be seen only at the rear and the front fenders, while the rather narrow side-effect. The name of the Ankonian goes back to a rather slow object, it comes from a strong breed of cattle, which is famous for her black fur.

The designer Slavche Tanevsky is cowardly when he imagines his version of the Lamborghini Murcielago LP640, an exercise in style full virtual rendering final concept but the least bad. Nothing to say this concept Ankonian enjoys a sacred “mouth”. To see more, just visit the picture gallery below. Then a feeling?

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