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Icona Design Fuselage Concept

Icona Design an independent design house from China wants to show world that it can do something else than copies of Western models. Here’s Fuselage Concept!

Icona Shanghai, a design house from China, presented at the 2011 Shanghai Auto Show an electric concept. The model is called Fuselage and comes with “butterfly” doors and a sleek look, to which aerodynamic coefficient prevails. Inside, we find four shell seats separated by a median tunnel. Appearance of the interior is as futuristic as the exterior, and the model doesn’t have many elements ready for production. If a manufacturer decides to buy the project and turn it into reality, the Chinese have to redesign a good part from this vehicle.

In terms of external appearance, it is unlike any production model sold in the West. Moreover, the only concept that Icona Design Fuselage resembles a little is Saab Aero X, but the similarities between the two models are narrowed to a few items. In terms of a drive system, the Chinese say that Fuselage Concept has a set of electric motors enabling acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds while top speed is 200 km/h.

Among the interesting features of the Icona Design Fuselage Concept are very narrow headlights and taillights, side mirrors replaced with cameras and the interior. Wheels of this concept are transparent and have so-called “turbine design”, which remembers of a turbine blades and is very effective at dissipating heat generated during braking.

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