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Honda launches at Geneva three-wheeler concept 3R-C

The Japanese carmaker has issued an official press release today that announces that its stand in Geneva Motor Show will host another world first. This time it is a concept with three wheels, named 3R-C.

Honda today announced that it will bring in Geneva, already announced concept EV-N, which comes in the European premiere, another parent with three wheels, named 3R-C. Designed as a zero emission vehicle, for a single person trying to show the concept of minimum needs for urban transport.

Electric drivetrain was mounted very low, to give a three-wheeled vehicle center of gravity low and hence improved stability. Driver’s position is protected by a windscreen that flows to the hood but also a rigid structure, which gives security in case of a side impact or frontal. The Japanese thought even a small vehicle for urban trunk, positioned front and spacious enough for the daily needs of a single person.

3R-C concept, which will be exhibited at booth alongside Honda FCX Clarity and EV-N, was designed by a European team working at the research department of Japan, located in Milan.

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