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Geneva 2011: Renault Captur Concept

Renault‘s stand at Geneva Motor Show 2011 will make way for a new concept car, called Capture. The new Renault Captur Concept will be equipped with an experimental diesel engine that offers 160 bhp and 380 Nm from a 1.6 liter unit.

Renault has today presented a set of images of its new Renault Captur Concept. According to Renault‘s designers, Renault Captur is the successor of Renault DeZir and represents an evolution of the idea presented by the French manufacturer’s design team. More specifically, while DeZir expressed passion at beginning of the adventure, the new Capture addresses the second phase of this cycle, which refers to mutual exploration. That’s why the French designers have created a crossover sport for young couples who want to discover the world, as clarified Laurens van den Acker, director of design at Renault.

The new concept is based on fundamental design language presented by DeZir but has a more technical and functional dimension of it without losing its sensuality,” said Alex Breun, head of Renault concept cars.

Renault Captur Concept is equipped with a Energi dCi 160 twin-turbo engine, developed from the Energy dCi 130. The new engine delivers 160 bhp and maximum torque of 380 Nm. Power reaches 100 horsepower liters per liter, since the unit has a displacement of 1.6 liters. Peak torque comes at 1,750 rpm yet, and it is transmitted to wheels through a transmission EDC (Efficient Dual Clutch) with double clutch. CO2 emissions reach the limit of 99 g/km.

Renault have fitted the concept with a new mechanical limited-slip differential, which is called RX2. That differential is capable of transmitting torque to 100% more wheel with the grip if necessary. Another technical innovation from Renault is the Visio-system which is a camera mounted on top of the windscreen to give the driver a series of support functions to reduce the stress being placed on it.

Renault Captur Concept  Specs:
Length (mm)   4223
Width (mm)    1950
Height (mm)    1586
Wheelbase (mm) 2624
Weight (kg)     1300
Capacity (cc)   1598
Maximum power (hp / rpm)   160
Torque (Nm / rpm)   380/1.750
Maximum speed (km / h)   210
Acceleration 1-100 Km (s)      8

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