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Geneva 2011: Mini Rocketman Concept

Englishmen from Mini will unveil a new concept at the Geneva Motor Show 2011, called Rocketman. It is created in memory of legendary Alec Issigonis‘s concept.

Mini Rocketman Concept it’s made to mark the return of traditional values in a nonconformist style. The Concept has dimensions which are said to be close to those of the first Mini, although talk of a 3419 milimteri length and width of 1907 millimeters, while the original model had a length of 3005 mm and 1510 mm wide. Mini officials say that Rocketman remains, for now, only a concept and there are no plans to place it into production.

The current language design for the Mini is continued also on Mini Rocketman Concept, a sign that the British wanted to show the versatility of this language. All major features of this model are LED lights, LED taillights in relief, 18-inch wheels and door-opening tailgate’s double. The ceiling is made of a transparent material and submit the form the Union Jack flag.

Another interesting element to the Mini Rocketman Concept is the number of seats and their configuration. Practically speaking only three permanent seats, with one extra seat can be folded for extra interior space. Like other models made by Mini, the speedometer is centrally located and generous in size. This time, we speak of a high-resolution 3D display that provides Internet access, a removable hard drive and an integrated trackball for controlling multimedia functions.

Mini Rocketman Concept Video:

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