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Ford Capri returns? Evos announces brand new compact coupe

A while ago, Ford announced a mysterious concept for Frankfurt Motor Show 2011. That is Ford Evos and prefigures the 2.0 version of the Kinetic language.

The mysterious concept that Ford brings to Frankfurt Auto Show is called Evos and prefigures the future step of the Kinetic design language. Ford Evos is a concept that anticipates the appearance of each Ford model that will be created after it, and this has caused many to think about a successor of the famous Capri. For now, Ford did not confirm such a hypothesis, preferring to give details about the concept itself and what it means for the Kinetic 2.0 language. Debut of the Kinetic design language occurred in 2005 when Ford Iosis Concept was introduced.


Ford Evos Concept has length of the current Focus and width of Mondeo and represents the most technical interpretation of the Kinetic design language. Evos is a 2 +2 Coupé, and this configuration was chosen because Ford designers have considered that another version of the bodywork would have suggested a direct successor of any current model from range.

If we presented a four-door sedan or a mini-class model, you have said that this is the new Mondeo or the new Fiesta. How we don’t have in range a model that is linked to Evos, we can present it as such and to say that this is the future of the mark, since we do not have a coupe in the current range,” said Martin Smith, head of Ford Europe Design.

Evos is short for “evolution.” We’ve looked at Kinetic models and tried to simplify them,” said Stefan Lamm, exterior designer of the concept.

Lamm is also the designer of the second generation Ford Focus RS. According to Lamm, the front of Evos Concept will be the new “face” of future Ford models and it will be appropriate for the entire range if its size will be adjusted correctly. Not all models from the Ford range will have narrow headlights for reasons of cost, the designer already specifying that Fiesta and Ka will not benefit too soon from the new optical blocks.


Ford Evos‘s interior is futuristic, as is the case with each concept. The people at Ford say that some of these items will go in production. We are talking about digital clocks, the 6-8 inch touchscreen display mounted on the center console and other ideas that follow this line. The main objective of Ford engineers was to reduce the number of buttons on board and simplify, if possible, the cockpit appearance. The drive train of this concept is plug-in hybrid, taken from the upcoming Ford C-Max Energi. The engine of Ford Evos has 2.0 liters and works in Atkinson cycle (like Toyota Prius) and it is assisted by an electric motor and a lithium-ion battery.

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