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Paris Motor Show 2010: The Coolest Concepts

Paris Motor Show 2010 edition seems to be a successful car exhibition. Despite the terrible crisis, car manufacturers are competing in displaying the most ingenious and in the same time efficient concepts. What truly caught our eye so far? Which project promises to be successful, without too many compromises? Here are some vehicles we hope to see in a car park, in the near future.

Audi Quattro Concept described what could be the further Quattro range, with an all-wheel drive and a turbocharged five-cylinder series. The engine produces 408 bhp, making the new Quattro not only a beautiful car, but also an extremely powerful vehicle.

2015 Lotus Elise – No, we haven’t reached the year 2015 yet. We are still in 2010, but, as we have previously mentioned, the automotive market struggles to escape with all its wheels from the dreadful economic crisis. In the case of the new Elise we have noticed that the manufacturers followed the same line with which we were accustomed. 2015 Lotus Elise will be a light and small car, really efficient and fast. Under the hood, there will be hidden a Toyota turbo engine, able to propel your Elise to 100 km/h in 4.3 seconds. We hope that that by the time 2015 Lotus Elise is launched the bumpy roads will have disappeared.

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento came at Paris Motor Show with an aggressive look, with many sharp angles, unlike the rest of the concepts in the show, which tried to present friendly curved shapes. However, Lamborghini Sesto Elemento is a unique gorgeous car which hides a monster under its hood: 10-cylinder V-engine, capable of realizing 570 bhp. Sesto’s wight is well kept under control, having a carbon fiber body. It can reach 100 km/h in just 2.5 seconds. Magic!

Ferrari Pininfarina SA Aperta. The designers of Ferrari brought to Paris Motor Show 2010 a so called “concept” named Ferrari Pinifarina SA Aperta, which is actually a Ferrari 599 GTB transformed into a roadster. Ferrari will produce only 80 such vehicles. The aesthetic changes that were used to create the new Ferrari Pininfarina SA Aperta are: a longer and arched windshield, the disappearance of the ceiling and two bars to protect the two passengers in case of accidents.

Jaguar C-X75. The Jaguar manufacturers built the most beautiful existing Jaguar, the C-X75 concept. However, it will never be produced in series, being the basis for the future Jaguar variants. The body of the car is made of aluminum. It has four electric engines which develop 780 bhp (195 bhp per wheel) and has an autonomy of 110 km in the electric mode. The Jaguar CX75 can reach a maximum speed of 330km/h and attain 100 km/h in 3.4 seconds. Enjoy!

We hope that these breathtaking concepts at Paris Motor Show 2010 will predict the future car generation: much more lighter and faster vehicles, which will be able to offer the most comfortable ambiance to their passengers while driving. In the past we could only dream about these wonderful cars and now they are real, in front of our eyes. Who knows what the future has in store for us?

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