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Citroën Tubik reinvents the pleasure of traveling

Citroën has developed a concept dedicated to enjoyment of traveling. The concept car is called Tubik and will be seen at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011.

Citroen Tubik is a concept dedicated to passenger transport. According to inside sources, Citroen Tubik will focus on the travel quality. The pleasure of traveling has become the most important issue today. Citroen created the Multicity project, which in France is seen through a portal that can facilitate planning of a travel. This portal considers all modes of transportation (car, train, plane) to facilitate the movement. A new side of the Citroen Multicity project is the Tubik concept. According to Citroen, this concept is meant to reinvent travel, to revive the true meaning of a journey.

Citroen Tubik model draws its inspiration from the Citroen Type H Van in 1948. The latter has become emblematic for Citroen being produced until 1980.

As shown in the stylized images of the concept, Citroen Tubik wants to reinvent the concept of MPV for nine passengers. Access doors are asymmetric, and the driver compartment is separated from that of passengers.

Passengers, however, are treated with great comfort. The compartment dedicated to them is luxurious and can be configured in several ways. More strange, however, apparent lack of windows for passengers. There are not many technical details about the Citroen Tubik concept, except that it uses HYbrid4 technology, present also on the recent Citroen DS5.

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