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Citroen Metropolis presented in Shanghai

A week before the opening of the China Auto Show 2010 in Beijing , Citroën will introduce in Shanghai, a new concept car. In keeping with the Chinese metropolis of Shanghai with more than 20 million inhabitants, the study bears the name comes from the Metropolis and Design Center based there by the French manufacturer.

The idea of the Metropolis is the prelude of a series of events, such as the Auto Show in Beijing and the World Expo in Shanghai, where Citroën will be present in order to develop the world’s largest automotive market. In 2009, the brand in had China 165 000 reported deliveries an increase of 57.5 percent and held its own so that – based on the relatively small base – better than the market (+ 54 percent). In first quarter of 2010 could deliver Citroën in China twice as many vehicles as in the prior year period.

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