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Citroen DS Numero 9 Concept – image of the future DS models

The French car manufacturer Citroen will bring at Auto China in Beijing the DS Numero 9 concept car. This is the successor of DS9 and prefigures the future models in the Citroen DS range.

Citroen DS Numero 9 Concept

Citroen DS Numero 9 Concept

The French bring at Auto China 2012 the new Citroen DS Numero 9 Concept. This is an evolution of the DS9 concept and it is designed in Paris. Citroen says that Numero 9 concept will present to Chinese the DS range before its launch on the Chinese auto-market.

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Citroen DS Numero 9 Concept Design / Engine

Citroen DS Numero 9 Concept is a hybrid petrol-electric car that anticipates the future design models from the DS range. Citroen have managed to integrate the features of the DS9 Concept with features from the Metropolis Concept into the new DS Numero 9 Concept.

The French say that Numero 9 provides plenty of room for the rear seat occupants and the three glazed surfaces integrated in the ceiling provide a friendly atmosphere on board. From the front side, with its three-dimensional grid and full LED headlights, to design elements focused around the ceiling, Citroen says that the future DS models will take at least some of the features from Numero 9 Concept .

In addition to the production version of Numero 9, unconfirmed officially, but suggested through the announcement of a mid-range executive sedan, the Citroen DS range will receive a segment C premium sedan and an SUV. The three models will be launched in the coming years, according to the French car manufacturer press release.

Citroen DS Numero 9 Concept has a hybrid powertrain and combines an internal combustion engine with an electric motor.

So we have a 1.6 THP engine that develops 225 hp (168 kW/228 PS) and 275 Nm (203 lb/ft) torque connected to an electric motor of 70 hp (52 kW/71 PS) and 200 Nm (148 lb/ft). The electrical unit is mounted on the rear axle and is powered by a lithium-ion battery pack. With a charging period of only half past three hours from a standard outlet, the battery provides a range of 50 kilometers (31 miles) in 100% electric mode. With this capability, Numero 9 has an average fuel consumption of 1.7 liters/100 km (166 mpg imperial, 139 mpg US) in the MVEG cycle.

Despite the low fuel consumption Citroen DS Numero 9 Concept needs only 5.4 seconds to accelerate from 0-100 km/h (62 mph) and has a top speed of 244 km/h (152 mph).

Citroen DS Numero 9 Concept via | Citroen

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