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The BMW rival to the Audi R8 will be inspired from Vision Efficient Dynamics concept

BMW M6 will be dropped in favor of a supercar with the design of ED Vision to fight directly with the Audi R8.

BMW will not continue to produce an M version of its 6 Series when they will release the next generation or model, which will be replaced with a design inspired sports model BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics concept. The information was published in the British premiere of the Tour, who say it will be the official response that BMW will have before it the much-acclaimed Audi R8.


According to information we have from the British journalists, the decision was already taken constructor offices in Munich, which is based on the fact that the 6 Series has become over his career a Grand Tourer model, rather than a sporty one. In these conditions M6 becomes increasingly inappropriate in a range that does not focus on sportiness.

The new sports model BMW will most likely have a 4.4-liter V8, the same engine that will be on the next generation of M5.

“A future supercar must be intelligent and radical at look, like the Vision Efficient Dynamics Concept style”Klaus Draeger, Director of Research and Development Bureau of the BMW Group.


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