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BMW i – Born electric

BMW announced today that its new brand, dedicated to electric vehicles will be called simply “i“. The first model will be an urban car i3, followed by a i8 supercar, inspired by Vision Efficient Dynamics. The new brand’s slogan is very simple: “Born electric”. ” Bavarian manufacturer thus reaffirms its intention to become the number one manufacturer on electrically powered premium models.

The project will bring on the market the first vehicle of this kind, already known as MegaCity. The result will be a model produced using organic materials that can be recovered, a model of economically efficiency and compatible with a wide audience.

i3 is the model name that is born from the efforts around the MegaCity project, a series version will be made public only a year after disclosure of the concept, in 2013. The urban model will have an aluminum body, three doors, about four meters, and can carry up to four passengers.

The new BMW i3 will be powered by an electric motor, located on the rear axle, able to deliver a total of 170 horsepower. Bavarians will keep the tradition and send resources to the posterior axis. Lithiumion battery will ensure a range of 160 kilometers. For those who want a vehicle suitable for longer distances, BMW will offer an extended-range version of i3, equipped with a thermic engine, responsible for charging batteries.

Finally, intelligent and innovative lineup cars from BMW will make some room, sooner than many expected, to a flagship, a supercar inspired by Vision Efficient Dynamics concept, named in the series version i8. Propulsion will be provided by the same electric motor assisted by a thermic unit, in three-cylinder, which is under development. The new BMW i8 will be able to blend performance of a sporty top model in its class with a small economy car.

Both models, i3 and i8 will be developed based on a next-generation architecture, called the  LifeDrive, composed of an aluminum chassis and a strengthened cell carbon fiber reinforced, perfect intake to compensate for the weight of batteries.

The two products of the i brand: the urban i3 and the i8 supercar will be developed in the BMW plant in Leipzig, the site has already undergone an investment of 400 million dollars to host a special production line. The production of two models will bring 800 new jobs by 2013.

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