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Aston Martin – Six new concepts by 2016

By 2016 Aston Martin will present six new concept models. The first news from the House of Gaydon in 2011 and will be the Cygnet, the unprecedented supermini developed based on the Toyota iQ. Although the car did turn up our noses to the purists of the British brand, dealers are getting a lot of orders for this car, despite not yet know the official list price. With 115 g/km of CO2 emissions, Aston Martin Cygnet help to lower the average emissions of the range.

The second novelty is the new DB9 that will debut in 2013. he car is currently identified by the initials of the project VH500 and will be developed on the current VH platform, will be lighter in weight and improved in structural rigidity. In addition, the 6.0 V12 engine source Cosworth will be revised to reduce the level of CO2 emissions. In 2015, however, will come Aston Martin DB9 sports variant of the DBS which will be even more powerful.

In 2014, the new Aston Martin will be even two: the new Vantage will be developed under the project VH500 which merged the new DB9 and the brand new SUV that will bring back into fashion historian Lagonda brand. This car will be developed, probably in collaboration with Mercedes GL and provide the platform will be the production version of the concept car shown at Geneva in 2009. The House of Gaydon tip with Lagonda to invade the emerging markets of BRIC.

Finally, in 2016 will be the turn of the new Aston Martin Rapide. The second-generation 4-door coupe derivererà also the new DB9 and will not be brought in a more luxurious version of the Lagonda brand. Moreover, the new generation will be manufactured at the Gaydon Rapids, since the contract with Magna assembles the current version expires in exactly six years.

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