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The 800 hp Dutch Superbus Project

A Dutch team has given birth to a unique prototype named Superbus. As the name suggests(Dutch Superbus Project), this is a super-power bus of 800 horsepower.

Students at Delft University of Technology in Netherlands have created a bold project, which aimed to develop a electrical 800 horsepower superbus. The figures looks as impressive as the exterior. At the Dutch Superbus Project have contributed Wubbo Ockels, Netherland’s first astronaut and a professor of aerospace sustainable engineering and technology at TU-Delft, Antonia Terzi, aerodynamic engineer and specialist in a BMW-Williams F1 team and Joris Melkert forming the team that leads the project.

The Superbus is powered by several electric motors of which output totals 800 horsepower. Thanks to resources stored in lithium-polymer batteries, the 15 meters long superbus, built on a platform of carbon fiber, can carry without problems a total of 23 persons. Even so, it stops at the maximum speed 250 km/h. For those who worry about autonomy, the Superbus is capable of running over 210 kilometers on the energy stored in a single battery.

The Superbus comes with 16 vertical opening doors, eight on each side, and chairs placed face to face, each with storage space.

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