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2013 Bugatti Gangloff Concept – Just WOW!

Bugatti seems to have even more luck lately, now that Bugatti Gangloff has gone viral on the internet. More and more designers are clamoring to draw super concepts for the famous manufacturer. Pawel Czyzewski is the last name on the long list of designers that hope Bugatti will launch a car drawn by them. Today’s Polish was inspired by the model manufactured in 1938, Type 57 SC Atalante Coupe that was built in just 17 copies but also from the current Bugatti Veyron.

Bugatti Gangloff Gallery

2013 Bugatti Gangloff Concept

Even if the concept has been touched by the mighty Veyron, it is still trying to revive a time sphere when cars were exclusively hand-built. Bugatti Gangloff’s exterior is full of muscles. Pawel fashioned a very interesting design with a unique grill and air intakes or LED headlamps.

Interesting at Bugatti Gangloff is the “backbone” that runs from the grille up to the back of the car, which makes the car stand out even more, especially by dividing the rear window. This crossing creates the impression of perfect symmetry, as in the case of the ’38 model.

Czyżewski says that “in times of commercial garbage and plastic, it’s hard to see a car that has a soul, one that is able to leave a positive feeling in your heart.”

Bugatti Gangloff Photos

The model is a combination of an old 1938 Type 57 and Veyron, giving the overall look – simply impressive. Inside, the car reflects a lot of modern elements seen at Veyron, maintaining an air of exotic cars and details appreciated by those who order luxury editions. In other words, the interior is exactly as it should be inside a Bugatti of the 21st century.

And, as all Bugatti’s look good in any colors, Pawel Czyzewski tried several colors on this 2013 concept.


Bugatti Gangloff launch date

I’m sorry to make you sad, but it’s only a project. It’s definitely one of those projects that will make Poland proud for years to come, but that’s pretty much it. Unfortunately for designer Pawel Czyzewski it remains one of the brilliant things which we will never see in real life.

Price for Bugatti Gangloff? Probably as huge as the gap between 1938 and 2013 but you may never know. Maybe we’ll get as lucky as Bugatti and, in future years we will see Bugatti Gangloff on the streets of Dubai.

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