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Volvo Brings New Version of FM on the Market

Volvo introduced a new version of the FM truck on the market. Brand logo with an enlarged grille, headlights and air intake are now clearly inspired by the Volvo FH. Other innovations, such as non-slip treads and an improved interior are among the other changes. In addition a wider range of cab packages from Basic to Premium. The FM is now equipped with additional innovations, such as with the recently revised I-Shift gearbox and new engine range that offers more power with less fuel consumption. According to Volvo, the 13-liter engine used in conjunction with Volvo I-shift compared to the previous model by up to three percent less fuel. Here, the engine provides up to 500 hp and a peak torque of 2500 Newton meters. He is just like the 11-liter engine, also known as EEV variant (Enhanced Environmentally Friendly Vehicle) available.

The new position of the air intake supplies the engine with cleaner air and providing better visibility when reversing. It is now available in all cab versions, including a short for the cab. With the new turn signals is to use advanced LED technology, which ensures a better function and longer life. The work lights, and reversing lamps are available on request in different variants, as well as devices for retrofitting. The position of the sensor of the adaptive cruise control in the lower grille has been modified in terms of improved functionality. New, larger fuel tanks made of steel, which offer almost the same ground clearance as the existing tanks are available upon request.

There are also new colors for upholstery and curtains in the cab. They correspond to the standard of the FH-model range. These three new accessories for the interior options are: a table with a specially designed storage options for mugs and pens, and plenty of storage space under the tabletop and a practical, two-tier storage compartment, for example, a helmet, thermos, writing pad, gloves, and a paper holder made of waterproof material, which can be mounted behind the driver’s seat.


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