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MAN opens new production line for trucks in Brazil

MAN ‘s Resende plant in Brazil inaugurates today a new truck production line for a truck. There, the future ranges TGX and TGS are produced. They are complementary in Latin America, the MAN series model of the Volkswagen brand. The new assembly plant is designed for an annual capacity of 5,000 heavy trucks.

In the months to test vehicles are first produced, so that the first vehicles ordered in 2011 to three of the largest transport companies of Brazil, Julio Simoes, Arcom and Binotto can be extradited. In a first step, the Brazilian-MAN truck assemblies imported from Germany and included under the principle SKD (Semi Knocked Down) mounted. Mid-term objective is to increase the local production share to at least 60%.

In the immediate vicinity of the plant will be built Resende also a supplier park in 2011. This three Brazilian partner of MAN – ArvinMeritor (axes), Maxion (chassis mounted) and Suspensys (suspension) – have their own production facilities directly next to the plant.

The total investment for the production line and the supplier park is the equivalent of just under 100 million euros. Total on-site Resende 800 new jobs, 100 of them in the new production line.

In March of this year was introduced in Resende, a third layer to the strong demand for commercial vehicles in Brazil needs. The annual production capacity increased to 72 000 trucks and bus chassis. MAN had acquired in early 2009, the Brazilian truck business and sells the types of VW Constellation, worker and delivery continue under the old brand names.

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