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Hey there! You love cars? So do we! If you have an auto related business and want to promote it here we can help! We even offer full website sponsorship. (2-4 banners on every page) Our website has more than 1,000 articles and around 1,500 unique visitors / day (most of them from USA & UK).

Why should you chose us? We are Car Addicts, we work in your domain and know how things go.  We have a team of SEO and SEM specialists working to bring quality traffic to our website followed by unique top quality content provided by our writers! You know what that means:  100 % of  our visitors are a potential client for what YOU have to offer!
We provide maximum flexibility providing any type and size of banners, special articles with anchored key phrases, links and so on, giving some Car-Addicts.com love to your business. During our existence we had dozens of satisfied clients who recommend us to their friends for our targeted traffic and the profits we bring.  That’s not all: we like to boast with our SMALL FEES for any type of advertising you may want.

We offer you the best promo campaign using:

– – – – Ad Spaces for Advertisments – – – –

  • 300×250 Rectangle Banner – In our sidebar. Will appear on all the pages and probably has the best exposure among other ad zones.
  • 125×125 Small Ads –  These ads will appear in all indexed pages in our Sidebar.
  • 728×90 Top Banner (in the site’s Header) – 1 Available –  The header area has a lot of exposure and a great click through rate depending on the nature of the advertisment
  • 468×60 Banner (below each post) – 1 Available – This ad will appear below each post and above the comments area and it’s great for increasing your product and brand awareness.
We also offer Full Site Sponsorship which will probably give the advertiser maximum exposure to our readers.

– – – –  Articles – – – –

  • Many of our clients contacted us for sponsored articles. Is your business selling cheap car insurance, insurance claims, new cars, car loans or car parts? Do you want to be first in Google’s rankings? Then let our writers talk about what you do!
We accept payments via PayPal and Skrill. If you are interested, please contact us!

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