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SEMA Show 2010: Vaughn Gittin’s RTR-X Mustang

RTR-X Mustang, reality and virtual racer

The RTR-X Mustang was developed by Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Need For Speed and therefore, it will be present both in reality and the virtual world, being introduced in the future game series of the brand. “It is very flattering that Need for Speed really gets my vision for the car and are embracing it just as Ford and Ford Racing have”, said Vaughn Gittin.

Although Vaughn Gittin is best known for skillfully driving the Mustangs, he found the necessary time for his other passion, launching his own car brand, RTR, and this year displaying at SEMA Show the RTR-X Mustang.

The secrets of a simple but unforgettable  look

Firstly, the RTR-X is based on a 1969 Mustang. Therefore, the Vaughn Gittin’s RTR-X Mustang is a classic vehicle constructed with modern hardware.

The starting point for the exterior of RTR-X was represented by a Dynacorn replacement body. Thus, Vaughn Gittin and Ned for Speed team managed to refresh the aspect of an already iconic car. The smooth clean lines of RTR-X Mustang are embellished by the black paint with silver tints, overwhelmed by the electric green accents on the Work Meister rims.

Simplicity seems to have been the key word in the process of creating an innovative look for the Vaughn Gittin’s RTR-X Mustang. Even more interesting is the fact that Vaughn Gittin and Need For Speed team decided to collaborate with their fans in order to find the perfect paint for their Mustang. Therefore, after hearing more than 1,000 opinions regarding this issue, they finally chose the ash grey and green color scheme.

Performances matching Notoriety

“Not only am I overly –excited to drive the RTR-X, but I am equally excited for the entire world to be able to get behind the wheel of the RTR-X virtually in upcoming Need for Speed video games, said Vaughn Gittin.

His enthusiasm can be easily justified by knowing the facts that the RTR-X Mustang is powered by a RTR-X Mustang engine and is equipped with a RTR-X Mustang Individual Throttle Body Injection System, a RTR-X Mustang six-speed transmission, a MoTeC M800 ECU and a set of Falken RT615-K racing tires. Also, the motor of the super car develops 440 brakehorsepower.

All in all, Vaughn Gittin’s RTR-X Mustang is a super car which manages to transcend time and fulfill all car-addicts enthusiasts’ expectations presented at the SEMA Show 2010.

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