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SEMA Show 2010: Superformance GS E-Rod

At the SEMA Show 2010, General Motors Performance Parts presented the new E-ROD LSA crate engine package assembled on a gorgeous Superformance Corvette Grand Sport Coupe.

The Superformance Corvette Replica is first of all a super car equipped with a GMMP E-ROD LSA supercharger 6.2L motor which is capable of releasing 556 hp and 551 lb-ft. In the same time the Superformance GS E-Rod vehicle features Tremec six-speed manual transmission and a four-wheel disc brake system having four-piston calipers at all corners. Because of its light weight of approximately 2,500 pounds, the LSA E-ROD offers an amazing power-to-weight ratio of 1 horsepower for 4.5 pounds of mass.

In terms of aesthetic, the Superformance GS E-Rod re-creation represents the revival of the classic Corvette Grand Sports models.

”The Grand Sport Corvette is such an icon vehicle, that it-s great to see Superformance bring back this classic as a kit car. It offers the same styling and raw performance feeling as the original, and when outfitted with an E-ROD engine, the end consumer gets a much more modern ride.The performance of this car is amazing”, said Dr. Jamie Meyer, product integration manager for GM Performance Parts.

Undoubtedly, with its curved silhouette and Admiral Blue coating disrupted by white stripes, together with the wheels designed according to the authentic Grand Sport race design, the E-ROD LSA car brings back in our times a piece of Grand Sport race cars history. Other element which reminds us of the original Grand Sport models is the set of side exhausts, which produce quite loud noises for a street car.

On the other hand, the E-Rod Superformance Grand Sport Coupe replica is aimed to offer the most comfortable driving experience for its passengers. As a result, the muscle car features air conditioning system, a Tremec six-speed manual transmission and leather upholstery.

The Superformance Grand Sport Replica is a unique machinery which brought a legendary image into the present time, being updated, in the same time, to fulfill future requirements.

The E-ROD LSA system is going to be available starting with the first months of 2011. GMPP together with CARB are trying to develop a process through which the E-ROD LSA will be approved for special vehicles, such as the Superformance Grand Sport.

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