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Reader’s Choice: I want to rent a car

Some of our readers have asked us to write some advice on choosing a car rental company.

It is very important to know what to do when you want to choose a company that rents cars.
Here are some tips and ideas in order to make the best choice for a car rental:

– Select very carefully a car hire company. Most of the problems in running a car hire contract are due to untrustworthiness of the car rental company.

– Compare prices online. Don’t necessarily follow the lowest prices. See what you are being offered in terms of services and technical support. Lowest isn’t always the best. I must admit that I was fooled twice with a car rental service in London. Every time I searched for cheap car hire I found just stupid.

– If you have decided on a car rental company, always ask on the telephone relations about the address of the company. We recommend a visit at the car rental company to see if the car rental company headquarter isn’t maybe some weird “apartment “. Any serious company has an office in which to conduct operations.

– We recommend you choose cheaper cars. The role of a car hire is to provide mobility. For this you don’t need to spend a fortune. You may eventually choose a bit more expensive car rental company, but with excellent services.

– Beware of any hidden costs or additional fees (eg. airport tax).

– Check if your rent car is insured in advance.  Also find out what happens in case of breakdown or accident.  See if the car has the spare tire and fuel tank full. We recommend that you return the car with a full tank to avoid being penalized.

– Check the car’s production year. It is recommended that the car offered for rent is not older than three years and has no more than 40,000 miles. Check the overall condition of the car through a visual inspection and ask to be reflected in the additional document of the contract if the car has: cracked windshield, scratches, kicks, stained upholstery, etc.

– Read the contract carefully and check all the car hire contract terms and additional documents.

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