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Parking sensors for everybody!

The automotive companies have developed a new solution for parking which may be included in all new models of cars. This special feature costs at least 2000 euro and can be purchased even after you have bought your new car.  It comes to be a great help especially to the female part of the buyers who are known for their lack of experience and talent in managing the parking areas of the roads.

The mechanism consists of a parking sensor which will do the parking for you. It is set by an exact number of parameters and it also detects the possible threats standing between the road and your car. But this sensor does not only that but also makes sure that you do not run out of energy, literally.

It warns you if you may have left the lights on or maybe the engine itself if a special cause may have required this type of situation. It announces you by singing a song or a tone if anything does not go as needed or if it detects any possible danger. This invention or this facility is well tolerated by the buyers who have no problem adjusting their vehicles for the specified amount of money.

It may seem like a waste of money and energy for the battery of the car but if we think of all the space that will be saved if everybody will park their car on just the space required and not to occupy the space that will largely sustain 2 vehicles. The companies producing this type of facility have run an amount of testing cases on a crowded street, with a lot of traffic.

The result was a full occupied parking lot thanks to the new parking sensor. It is a win on win situation, win for the companies selling their product but especially win for the ladies who will finally manage to do a parking regardless the space wanted but with the space provided.

Given the fact I found my car hit in the parking lot on New Year’s Eve, this should be a “must-have”…

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