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Les Femmes du Paris Motor Show 2012

The attractions of the 2012 Paris Motor Show were not restricted only to ingenious interiors or stunning designs and top technology. The gorgeous girls from the 2012 Paris Motor Show stands, as always, managed to excite the atmosphere and made the work of journalists much more pleasant.

The Girls - 2012 Paris Motor Show Live

The Girls Live at 2012 Paris Motor Show

For several days now, Car-Addicts brings you the latest news regarding the beautiful cars exhibited at 2012 Paris Motor Show. The lights of this year’s auto salon extinguished for the last time for us, this evening, as the “press days” ended. Along with the lights, and we close our news correspondence from the French capital, after we have managed to cover the most important events. For now, we let ourselves into the arms of Morpheus, since the fatigue of these days was great, but equally matched by the joy of being here.

You know what else is absolutely delightful at the French salon? That’s correct, you guessed it right: The Girls- as always (see the Paris 2010 Girls), they manage to gather the most interesting cars and the most beautiful ladies (they will be here until October 14 when the auto show ends). It is time to draw the line and admire the most beautiful girls that hosted the 107-th Paris Motor Show. Bonne nuit à partir de Paris!

And of course, the inevitable: Les plus belles hôtesses here at 2012 Paris Motor Show:

2012 Paris Motor Show Live: The Girls photo gallery

The Girls Video Live from 2012 Paris Motor Show

The Girls via | 2012 Paris Motor Show

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