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Paris Motor Show 2010: Ford Focus

Ford presented the new Focus generation earlier this year in Detroit, but in the meantime the public seem to have forgotten about it. This was until the new ravishing Ford Focus variant has been exposed at Paris Motor Show 2010.

The new Ford Focus features some very interesting characteristics. It is the third Ford generation, the previous two being successful in defeating their most important rivals, the German VW Golf and other popular hatchback, Opel Astra.

The new Ford Focus marks a significant change of design. Its creators have given up the sober and steady German features, choosing a more passionate and fluid design, inspired by the look of the new Fiesta and Ka. If the front side of the vehicle is dominated by a large trapezoidal grille, the rear is much more refined. It seems even slightly crowded, with many lines concentrated especially in the area next to the rear lights, which have also been fluidly extended towards the rear fenders. In conclusion, the rear side of the car looks tremendously good, perhaps better than the front side.

The interior is characterized by the same strategy. The simplicity of the dashboard is now history, being replaced by a cluster of lines and buttons. However, it does not look bad at all. Moreover, it gives the impression of high class cars.

The new Ford Focus marked at Paris Motor Show another important premiere. It will be available for the American automobile market as it is for the European one. It is a new strategy adopted by the Ford manufacturers, wishing to offer to their American customers European products, part of a smaller and more compact class.

From another point of view, another big surprise brought by the new Ford Focus at Paris Motor Show 2010 is a new engine range. The new Focus will be available with a four-cylinder turbocharged direct injection (DI) engine, with EcoBoost technology or with an improved TDCi “common-rail” diesel engine. The top of the engine lines is represented by a gasoline unit of 2.0 liters DI Ti-VCT, producing 20 bhp more than the current 2.0-liters engine  and thus having a lower fuel consumption.

Ford manufacturers hope that this model will be a great success on both European and American automobile markets, managing to overcome the achievement of their French competitor, Renault Megane RS.

“For European drivers, the new Focus will bring the same distinctive qualities of pure dynamics and performance that have created the unique appeal of our Ford heritage. For enthusiasts in North America and Asia who have asked why our compact performance models were not available to them – the wait is almost over! The new Focus will offer exactly the same exciting driving experience wherever it’s on sale,” said Jost Capito, Director of Global Performance Vehicles.

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