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Paris Motor Show 2010: Citroen DS4 – A French Surprise

Citroen DS4

– What niche it represents?

Is it a crossover? Is it an average class hatchback? Is it a four-door coupe? Whatever the answer, Citroen DS4 is an extraordinary surprise for everybody.

Citroen DS4 can be described as a unique blend of creativity, dynamism, exclusivity and versatility. DS4 offers an appealing mixture of premium design elements and a daring shapes approach, emphasizing the driving pleasure and the futuristic car architecture.

DS4 is the second model of the unique DS area. It is a multiple talent car, which can easily satisfy everyone’s needs while enhancing the glamour and vitality of the road experience.

Citroen DS4 combines refinement and sophistication with the coupe body dynamics, creating an exceptional level of malleability and every day functionality, due to its compact design- 4. 27m (length), 1.81m (width) and 1.53m (height) .

DS4 offers a new driving experience, unrivaled sensations together with an impressive road holding. Thanks to its smooth lines and futuristic features, DS4 is the most attractive in its area.

It is believed to be dedicated to young fashionable hipsters, who love both interior and exterior luxury. Carefully constructed, DS4 delights its passengers with the consideration for details, beginning with the chrome inserts and finishing with the premium fabrics used for the interior, such as high quality leather. The panoramic windshield improves visibility for all passengers and enlightens the driver’s cabin, creating a bright and welcoming space.

Combining the design of a coupe with the 2+2 doors functionality, DS4 offers three individual rear seats, which can be accessed by using the doors with hidden handles that perfectly fit the car lines. In addition, DS4 has a spacious 370-liter trunk and numerous clever storage compartments.

Citroen DS4 displays an exquisite range of five efficient and refined engine types, two HDi diesel and three gasoline engines. All of them are equally advanced. Moreover, the new Citroen HDi engines offer improved fuel consumption and low carbon dioxide emissions.

Unique style: Truly stylish, Citroen DS4 uses the most attractive design components to create a new concept car. Marc Pinson, DS4’s design chief, says that the reinterpretation of the design marks has offered new possibilities, bringing practical and surprising solutions in the automobile world.

Taking a brief look at the front end, you realize that Citroen DS4 confirms its special place in the line of the most extraordinary French cars. Its exclusivistic nature is emphasized by the position of the car logo on the grid and on the hood, and also by the bright lines, visible both during day and night time. The profile contains a chrome strip which surrounds the glass surface, mudguards that are home to large size (up to 19 inches) wheels and also an impressive roof line which culminates with the presence of an aileron- to increase its dose of vitality. Compact and muscular at the same time, DS4 fulfills the prestige promise made by the brand’s distinctive line.

Sophisticated Interior: The interior is dominated by the panoramic windscreen, which extends to the ceiling. Offering a visual angle of at least 45 degrees, together with the high position of the car, the windshield provides an optimized visibility and also an intimate, airy atmosphere for all passengers on board.

The owner of a Citroen DS4 will have the possibility to choose between five kinds of leather combinations for the seats, including the option of using two different colors. The concern regarding the interior details anchors DS4 in a dynamic and exclusivistic world, illustrated also by the aluminum brake pedal, leather door handles and the ambient lighting.

Dynamic and Agile: On the road, Citroen DS4 proves to have full control and offers the passengers the feeling of safety in all circumstances. The three gasoline engines: VTi 120, THP 155 and the new THP 200- are developed in collaboration with BMW. The new THP 200, based on a 1.6 liter engine, offers a high level of comfort and performance thanks to its power(147Kw) and torque(275 Nm at 1.700 rpm), emitting just 149g CO2 per kilometer. All engines are available with both manual and automatic gearboxes with six rates.

The acoustics of the car received a lot of attention from the manufacturers, the engine noise being significantly reduced for the passengers’ comfort.

The new Citroen DS4 will be presented at the Paris Motor Show this year and will be marketed starting from the second half of 2011.

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