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Paris Motor Show 2010

Paris Motor Show 2010: Between Present and Future

Paris Motor Show, which opened its gates this fall, revealed the intense struggle between two generations of vehicles. Many of the cars displayed in the exhibition will renew, in the following months, the European automobile market, while most of the electronic concepts will have to wait at least a year to find the right path to showrooms. The new car ...

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Paris Motor Show 2010: Green is the New Black

On a market that is struggling not to fall, car manufacturers want to attract customers with new environmentally-friendly vehicles. It seems that they are not joking at all, as long as the electric concepts and hybrids did not “miss” Paris Motor Show 2010. “While others are just presenting their new hybrid generation, we have already sold 2.8 millions of cars ...

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Paris Motor Show 2010: Lotus – “Dawn of a New Era”

The brand that has captured the attention at Paris Motor Show 2010 is definitely Lotus and their concept supercars. But how many they have brought? Lotus presented at the Paris Motor Show an incredible amount of news. We speak of five totally new models. The “Dawn of a New Era” for the House of Hethel, announced for months by the ...

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Les Femmes du Paris Motor Show 2010

This year, at Paris Motor Show, manufacturers have tried to do their best in displaying the most alluring images to their visitors. And I am not referring to cars, although they have brought the most visitors. Sexy, beautiful and voluptuous, the girls at Paris Motor Show 2010 have planned to make the audience feel better during the event, while admiring ...

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Paris Motor Show 2010: Mastretta MXT

We know that soap operas are not part of your daily schedule, but today we are going to talk a little bit about Mexico. Not about the amusing Mariachi or their spicy foods, but about the direct result of the fact that this nation has some strong DNA links with the Italians: a hysterical and maybe doubtful supercar. Thus, the ...

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