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An auto show, or motor show, is a public exhibition of current automobile models, debuts, concept cars, or out-of-production classics. It is commonly attended by automobile manufacturers. Most auto shows occur once or twice a year. They are vital to car manufacturers and local dealers as a public relations exercise, for advertising products, and for increasing publicity.

Paris Motor Show 2010: Mastretta MXT

We know that soap operas are not part of your daily schedule, but today we are going to talk a little bit about Mexico. Not about the amusing Mariachi or their spicy foods, but about the direct result of the fact that this nation has some strong DNA links with the Italians: a hysterical and maybe doubtful supercar. Thus, the ...

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Paris Motor Show 2010: Toyota Verso-S

Toyota has given up to the denomination of Yaris Verso, because at the Paris Motor Show 2010 they showed us the new small class MPV: Toyota Verso-S. On the Japanese market there has also appeared a Yaris big brother, named Ractis. It is practically the successor of Yaris Verso, a variant which has disappeared from the European automobile market for ...

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Paris Motor Show 2010: Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale

At the Paris Motor Show 2010, the Italians have bewildered the arena with the most powerful weapon in their possession: Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale, a model inspired by racing cars. The sports car enthusiasts are probably very excited to see the gorgeous Italian fireball debuting at Paris Motor Show. The car represents the simple transposition of Maserati MC Trofeo and ...

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Paris Motor Show 2010: McLaren MP4-12C

McLaren MP4-12C is the sensational super car that all McLaren F1 fans have awaited. The ravishing model has been displayed at Paris Motor Show this year, demonstrating again that McLaren vehicles are the most competent super cars one could buy.  With a denomination quite hard to remember (MP4 is the codename for racing cars and C seem to come from ...

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Paris Motor Show 2010: Fiat Twin Air

The cute Fiat 500 equipped with the revolutionary Twin Air engine, presented at the Geneva, was officially inaugurated this fall, at Paris Motor Show 2010. The new version of Fiat 500, equipped with a two-cylinder engine was firstly displayed at a special event in Valentino Park, Torino. The engine has only two cylinders and a displacement of 875 cc, but, ...

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