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Leipzig 2010: The Living Desert

A handful of world premieres and a few dozen  debuts at the auto show in GermanyAuto Mobil International (AMI) started in Leipzig. But after Denm first press is clear: premieres are not everything. Obviously, especially the German manufacturers are trying to bring the AMI air under their  wings. They are well represented, better than last year’s fair. The apocalyptic visions of the past year, driven by the auto and economic crisis, but also by the many cancellations among the exhibitors, in the air a slight optimism is rising. At the end of the day we will know whether the optimism was justified.

And yet, Leipzig is important for the auto-market. Bernhard Mattes, Ford‘s boss in Germany, has a clear opinion on the role of AMI. He holds the catchment area of the fair in eastern Germany bordering regions of interest, welcomes the opportunity to show what’s new this spring and sees the appointment as another starting point for the annual recurrent revival of the market. Mattes accompanies the AMI from the beginning. He is one of the few business leaders who give this show the honor. This is a shame, because is the new low density in Lepzig for the media a chance. Here are the dates are not pushed as close as in Geneva, where it is not too hectic, you could not take the chance with both hands but spontaneously, to speak more than three minutes with the creators and managers.

We will evaluate AMI at the end of the exhibition week. Perhaps the mood in the exhibition halls is also better than the situation. But in any case: There is more life than one would have believed last year. From desolate emptiness of the halls is no more talk.

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