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SsangYong SiV 1 Concept – the new Brand identity, debuts at 2013 Geneva

SsangYong will bring to the 2013 Geneva Motor Show it’s brand new concept called SsangYong SiV 1, which foreshadows the new brand identity of the Korean manufacturers. The concept is an evolution of the old SsangYong e-XIV Concept.

SsangYong SiV 1 Concept Official

SsangYong SiV 1 Concept Photos

SsangYong SiV 1 Concept is the exhibit Koreans will bring at the Geneva Motor Show. The model is a crossover 14.7 feet (4,5 meters) long, with a wheelbase of 8.8 (2,7 meters). Despite the generous dimensions, SiV 1 Concept has only four individual seats. This concept is shaping the future of the brand in South Korea and is an evolution of the concept presented back in 2012 named e-XIV.

e-XIV concept had a length of 13,5 feet (4,1 meters) , a width of 5.9 feet (1,8 meters) ​​and a height of 5.2 feet (1,6 meters). Its wheelbase was relatively generous, 8.5 feet (2,6 meters) and, from expert’s point of view, it was a good bargain in the B crossover segment. The interior of this concept had a variety of futuristic shapes and sophisticated materials. All on-board displays were touch screens and the whole dashboard came with an attractive design.

SsangYong SiV 1 Concept Photos

SsangYong SiV 1 Concept-official

SsangYong SiV 1 Concept – Geneva Motor Show 2013

As the name itself suggests abbreviation, it’s a new electric concept “eXciting user Interface Vehicle”. e-XiV’s hybrid assembly structure involves using an electric motor to drive the wheels and a gasoline engine to charge the battery pack. This uses basically the same principle that we see in today’s Chevrolet Volt or Opel Ampera. More details regarding SsangYong SiV 1 Concept will be available in the first days of Geneva Motor Show 2013.

Below are SsangYong e-XIV concept pictures


As you may see, the design is somehow similar and SsangYong SiV 1 Concept should look ever better in real-life. We will provide more SsangYong SiV 1 Concept details as soon as Geneva Motor Show 2013 will be opened to press!

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