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Geneva 2013 Live: Land Rover Defender Electric Concept

Land Rover presented at the Geneva Motor Show a fleet of electric vehicles in the concept stage, and this is our presentation for Land Rover Defender Electric concept. Zero-emission engine provides a range of 80 kilometers.

Land Rover Defender Electric

Land Rover Defender Electric – Geneva Motor Show

Land Rover took advantage of this year’s Geneva Motor Show to reveal no less than seven experimental electric vehicles based on the current generation of Defender. According to officials, the British attempt to prove that innovations in terms of zero-emission vehicles, even on rough terrain, is possible.

Forget the old 110 hp diesel found on Defender, we now have an electric unit. Zero-emission engine providing 95 horsepower and 330 Nm of torque. Torque is delivered instantly and constantly, making possible the use of a special transmission with a single gear, sending power to all 4 wheels. Therefore, AWD was preserved. The British also upgraded the Terrain Response System.

 Land Rover Defender Electric Photos

Land Rover Defender Electric Specs

The engine is kept alive by a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 27 kWh, enough for a range of 80 kilometers, even in rough terrain conditions. The battery weighs no less than 410 kg and was located where the old engine was. This makes the total weight increase with 100 kg more, compared to the conventional version and grand total now ranges between 2055 to 2162 kg, depending on body type.

All seven electric vehicles were developed by Land Rover Advanced Engineering’s team after a series of successful chalanges. Among the toughest tests taken by these electric models we include towing a 12 tonnes trailer along a slope with an inclination of 13 degrees and crossing a 800 mm deep ford.

Lithium-ion battery charging can be done from a generator, the expected time for a complete cycle ranging from 4 to 10 hours depending on its capacity. A 7 kW quick charger fully charges the battery in 4 hours while a 3 kW charger charges everything within 10 hours.
Unfortunatly, the price for an Electric Land Rover Defender was not released. Why? Official added they have no plans in producing this vehicle in a series version or any of the concepts presented here in Geneva.

“This project is acting as a rolling laboratory for Land Rover to assess electric vehicles, even in the most arduous all-terrain conditions. It gives us a chance to evolve and test some of the technologies that may one day be introduced into future Land Rover models,” said Antony Harper, Jaguar Land Rover Head of Research.

Land Rover Defender Concept

Land Rover Defender Electric for sale

Overall, Land Rover Defender Electric is a very interesting concept!

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