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Geneva 2013 Live: Subaru Viziv, stunning Japanese concept

Subaru brought to Geneva a new version of Subaru Viziv Concept. It looks even better than its predecessor and raises hopes for future Japanese hybrid diesel-electric crossovers. The name comes from the phrase “Vision for Innovation” and the model has big chances to become a series variant soon.

Subaru Viziv Concept Geneva 2013

Subaru Viziv Concept – Geneva Motor Show 2013

Subaru also came to Geneva with its new Forester but for now, let’s just stick to Subaru Viziv Concept as it’s very visually attractive and foreshadows future crossovers. In addition to the wing doors, the concept has a hybrid diesel-electric powertrain, four-wheel drive and a great design, completed with a simple interior concentrated on the things that matter most for the driver.

Subaru Viziv Concept – Geneva Motor Show 2013

After a series of teasers Subaru made a pleasant surprise at Geneva Motor Show. The idea behind Subaru Viziv concept is to visually highlight the possible forms of a future compact crossover segment and demonstrate the ability of Subaru to develop an interesting diesel-hybrid powertrain by combining a diesel engine and two electric motors. Lastly, it is likely that Subaru Viziv will be a turning point when it comes to future Subaru models. Aggressive front lines and brave rear bumper, are just some of the key elements of the new Japanese concept.

Subaru Viziv Concept Engine

At the technical level, Subaru imagined a plug-in hybrid system that consists of a 2.0-liter diesel boxer engine that works alongside two small electric motors, each operating one of the rear wheels, turning this concept in a 4×4. The gearbox is automatic (CVT). Very interesting is the fact that the two electric motors can operate torque reaching the wheels independently and thus greatly improving handling when cornering. The two electric motors are powered by a lithium-ion battery pack easily fed on any outlet. Subaru has not provided any details regarding Subaru Viziv’s autonomy or load times.

Subaru Viziv Concept has a length of 4.320 mm, 1.900 mm width, height 1.510 mm and a wheelbase of 2.640 mm. It is currently painted in metallic silver wearing 20″ rims and tires size 245/45. It may easily carry 4 people and the interior is focused on practicality.

Subaru also equipped the Viziv with the Hybrid SI-DRIVE system featuring Eco-Cruise mode. This uses a peripheral camera that detects road conditions and adjusts the characteristics of the car.

Subaru Viziv Concept

Subaru Viziv Concept – Geneva Photos

Overall, Subaru Viziv Concept made a good impression and we expect it in a series version in 2014.

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