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Ferrari F150 – Enzo’s Successor @ 950 HP just €1.2 Million

Ferrari held a private event to unveil its customers the new Ferrari F150, Enzo’s successor. The supercar will have 950 hp and will be presented to the public at the Geneva Auto Show 2013.

Ferrari respects their customers willing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for a product model made in  Maranello. Therefore the private Italian manufacturer organizes special events for those that hold in the garage one of its products. The goal is to get to know, before anyone else, the future models.

Ferrari F150 Project Official Photos

Ferrari F150 Project Official Photo

Awaiting a replacement for Enzo, that’s scheduled to debut next month, at the Geneva Auto Show, Ferrari held a special event this week in Maranello. In the foreground was, as you guessed, the Enzo’s successor, ”codenamed”  Ferrari F150.

Ferrari F150 – A supercar with 950 HP

Although no one found  the name of the serial version, other information came to light, thanks to those present at the event.

It seems that under the bodywork,  entirely  made of carbon fiber will be hidden a completely new  V12 engine , created in Maranello to produce a similar sound of F1 cars. The 12-cylinder unit will be capable of producing 800 HP. Another 150 will be offered by a KERS system similar to the one used in the Grand Circus.

In this way, Ferrari F150 is ready to deliver 950 HP. The engine guarantees maximum torque of 9500 rpm, while  the resources are among the most generous offered by a series  supercar and guarantees a sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in 3 seconds. Even more impressive is the sprint from 0 to 200 km/h, achieved in 7 seconds. The maximum speed ​​stops at 370 km/h.

As expected, Ferrari  F150 has already the best timing in the history of the test circuit in Maranello, with Fernando Alonso behind the wheel. Premises are good even for a Nurburgring record.

The carbon fiber bodywork and the use of Kevlar for the floor will make  the total mass not to exceed 1280 kg, including 150 kg of the  electrical auxiliary system. If the numbers are confirmed, the Maranello engineers who have found this weight reduction solutions will really be appreciated.

2013 Ferrari F150 Price

2013 Ferrari F150 Private Preview

To tackle the 950 HP, Ferrari will provide for Ferrari F150 a high-performance braking system that will stop the supercar from 200 km/h in just 115 meters, helped by the electric spoiler that acts as an aerodynamic brake.

Price for Ferrari F150

The new Ferrari F150 will probably attract the entire public attention in Geneva. Only 499 examples will be made, each with a price of 1.2 million euros. First deliveries of the ultimate supercar from Maranello, Ferrari F150, will only start in December this year.

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