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Geneva 2012 Live: The Renault stand

The Renault stand from Geneva Motor Show 2012 is full of excitment. Hundreds of journalists have witnessed the release of the electrical Zoe, a brand new variant now produced in series. Along with this urban model, the French brought the new Megane facelift.

Renault Stand  - Geneva Motor Show 2012 Live

Renault Stand – Geneva Motor Show 2012 Live

In addition, the French presented a new version for the Twingo Gordini and the Twizy model. This Renault Compact received new range LED lamp units and a redesigned bumper. Under the bonnet, people at Renault have set a new petrol engine of 1.2 liters and 115 hp or a 1.6 liter diesel with 130 bhp.

Geneva Motor Show 2012 Live: Renault stand photo gallery

Renault at Geneva Motor Show 2012

Diesel fans were also not neglected. In addition to a revised 1.5 dCi unit with 110 horses, the new Megane facelift gets the most powerful 1.6 liter diesel unit, the biggest capacity existing on the market yet, with no less than 130 horsepower. The first version ensures 260 Nm and a consumption of only 3.8litres/100 km, while the 1.6 liter unit promises 320 Nm to 1750 Nm and a consumption of4 liters per 100 kilometers.

Theperformance version, Megane RS, received 15 hp and 20 Nm in addition, matching the limited edition of Trophy.

All versions of the Megane receive during this facelift a number of technological improvements, such as high-end multimedia system and Visio System, a feature that alerts the driver when he overcomes the lane and also controls the light beam headlights at night.

The highlight of the stand was Renault Zoe, the electric version now built in series, able to provide a range of 210 kilometers, largest currently on the market. Depending on the weather, autonomy may drop to 100 km – 150 km, if temperatures are negative or the car runs exclusively urban.

2013 Renault Zoe - Geneva Motor Show 2012 Live

2013 Renault Zoe – Geneva Motor Show 2012 Live

This small class model is the most affordable Renault electric vehicle until Twizy. A Renault Zoe will cost 15,700 Euros (price subsidized by the French government with 5,000 Euros).This price is valid for the basic version of Zoe model, called Life.

Renault also proposes two well-equipped variants called Zen and Vivid whose prices start at 17,500 Euros (subsidized price).

The design of the series remains almost identical to the concept except a new grid added by new head of Renault design, Laurens van der Acker.

Renault Zoe has a wheelbase of 2.58 meters and a length of 4 meters. It’s quite high at 1.73 meters, but this is due to the battery pack hidden under the floor raised by 20cm. Under the bonnet we will find a 90 HP electric motor which delivers power directly to the front wheels. Top speed is limited to 135 km / h. Renault has not yet communicated the total weight for this Zoe model.

Renault also unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show 2012 the final version of the Twizy model. This variant is available with two engines and starts from 6990 Euros.

2013 Renault Twizy - Geneva Motor Show 2012 Live

2013 Renault Twizy and David Guetta – Geneva Motor Show 2012 Live

The final version of Twizy, the new Renault electric model, is the third production car with zero emissions built by the French manufacturer. Twizy wants to be a viable alternative for the two or three-wheel scooters, now with a roof!

The unit is offered in two versions. The first one is driven by a 10 horsepower electric motor capable of running up to a speed of 45 km / h Fortunately to many, this version can be run without a license, thanks to its approval as a quadricycle.

Price for this version was set at 6990 Euros, and you’ll have to add to this amount the monthly cost of 45 Euros to buy a set of batteries. These cool batteries will allow the model to run over a distance of 100 kilometers.

The “premium version” has a zero-emission engine that delivers 20 horsepower and allows this car to reach a top speed of 80 km / h. Engine will be offered with two trim levels, Urban and Technical, whose price will be 7690 and 8490 Euros respectively.

In this case, customers will have to pay 49 Euros for the batteries, which will also provide a range of 100 km.

With a length of 2.33 meters and 1.19 meters wide, Twizy boasts with a mass of only 450 kilograms, of which 100 kg is the battery. Equipped with 125×80 R13 front tires and 145×80 R13 rear, this electric vehicle has a turning radius record of only 3.4 meters.

The two passengers have seat belts, four points for the driver and three-points for his friend. With a power cable of 3 meters, Twizy can be easily charged from a normal outlet and needs only 3.5 hours to be ready to go.

Optional list is somewhat unusual and includes side doors, a storage box under the rear seat, rear parking sensors, additional protection and a complete Parrot Bluetooth kit with USB and an iPod.

The customer can choose between four exterior colors that can be combined with a series of special vinyls.

Fixed price for the versions may vary depending on aid provided by each European country separately.

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