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Geneva 2011: Volkswagen Up! debut

Production version of Volkswagen Up! will debut at the Geneva Motor Show 2011 in March. Sales begin in December 2011.

Three years after the presentation of the Up! concept, the Germans from Volkswagen will launch the serial version of this model. The sale will be made only in December, a sign that the Germans want to attract attention all over their new super-mini before trading it, hoping to get better results than for  Fox and Lupo models.

The new Volkswagen Up is the first car made on the MKB modular platform. This platform will create a city model for both Skoda and Seat, will lead to the creation of an electric model at Volkswagen. The model will be offered only with front wheel drive version and will have a length of three meters. Model is likely to be less than three meters, but the difference will be a few millimeters. Due to these characteristics, the model would be the second modern car with four seats less than three meters, the first being Toyota iQ (length 2985 mm).

The interior will be done in the Volkswagen style and at the same level as the Golf and Polo. If we look at these data, we expect to set a starting price for the new Volkswagen Up between of 8,500 and 9,500 euros in and, since entry-level version of Polo three-door has a starting price of 10,671 euros with VAT included. If we compare the starting price of Polo in the basic version and three-door Golf VI basic version, we see a difference of 4,192 Euros, but we don’t expect this difference to be applied directly in the case of Volkswagen Up, but to fall between 1,000 and maximum 2,000 euros.

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