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Geneva 2011 Live: Wiesmann Spyder Concept

Wiesmann exposed at  Geneva Motor Show a new concept: Wiesmann Spyder, a radical sports model with an innovative design philosophy, created just for the pleasure of driving.

Wiesmann Spyder Concept is designed to capture the audience and to test public reaction to the idea of a potential radical model. German manufacturer will exhibit an extreme prototype, no doors and no windscreen, able to encompass a whole new philosophy.

Friedhelm Wiesmann, the German brand’s general manager, said that the design exercise will help to calculate interest for a model number different from what we see in today’s market. reactions of customers, partners and experts will be the basis for approval of any production series.”

If all goes according to plan, Wiesmann will be ready to offer its customers a Wiesmann Spyder Concept in 2012. The first information concept in Geneva is designed only for those who want the pleasure of driving. The series will be as simplistic and will be characterized by a low total mass, obtained by removing the elements of comfort and the adoption of lightweight materials such as carbon fiber.

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