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Geneva 2011 Live: Top 5 Weird Cars

Geneva Motor Show 2011 has attracted not only fantastic shapes and concepts, but also some ideas  weirdly put into practice. Here are the “freaks” in Geneva!

As with every great auto show, Geneva 2011 came with a series of models and slightly wacky ideas that – although they are in the current line – could not have imagined even in SF books 10 years ago. We speak of design and appearance so different from what those manufacturers presented until now that the contemporary landscape can be called without problems colorful.

1. The new Lancia range – we’re starting abruptly. In virtue of collaboration between the Fiat Group and Chrysler Group, the people who lead the two major companies have decided that American models of the Chrysler brand will come in Europe only under the Lancia brand. Thus was born the new Lancia Thema (an adapted version of the popular Chrysler 300C), Lancia Flavia (bluntly taking over the newly-launched Chrysler 200, Sebring’s replacement) or Lancia Voyager which has remained with the original name, although the brand and logo were changed. Cherry on the cake is the new Fiat Freemont, a hybrid visual somewhere between Fiat identity and a Dodge Journey. One thing is certain:  Italian cars with an American face are at least funny.

2. RollsRoyce Phantom Electric – now it’s just a concept and is officially called the 102 EX, but we never know what the lighted heads leading RollsRoyce will create next. Officials say that they are studying the car market, and one can’t say that they are not doing well, since the current wave of electric industry are becoming a trend. What makes unusual 102 EX? Its huge mass. Typically, automakers rely on small electric models to be able to obtain a high autonomy. At RollsRoyce, the absence of a city car it’s obvious, and the electric Phantom looks like Gulliver in the land of Lilliput. A fat Gulliver, of course.

3. Ferrari FF – even Ferrari can be part of the list of unusual occurrences at an auto show. If we had the impression that the first model that will come outside the Ferrari scope of classic will be a hybrid, the Italians show us that we were wrong. Ferrari FF is so anti-retro (as those from Citroen told) that we do not find in the brand’s history a series model with four – wheel drive and seats. Obviously, customers to buy the car will find – this is not the problem, just that some brands seem to give up too easily to the image made up so hard throughout history for the sake of popular solutions. We bet you will not have much until we see a diesel Ferrari on the streets?

4. Peugeot 908 Hybrid 4 Le Mans – After having taken over the fight of 24-hour race at Le Mans with diesel technology, Audi and Peugeot were waiting, new steps from opponent to know which way to take it further. Well, first to make such a step are those of the Peugeot, who have created a diesel-hybrid prototype version of 908. Although it may seem a caprice, Peugeot says the car will be ready for testing around the famous endurance race at Le Mans, so we’re about to witness a new revolution in this field. Obviously, Porsche were the first lined up a hybrid in the motorsport competitions (Porsche 918 RSR Hybrid), but Peugeot will be the first manufacturer to do that with a diesel-electric model in a competition like the one at Le Mans.

5. Porsche Panamera Hybrid SPorsche Panamera in hybrid version is in line with unusual that I have described above for Ferrari FF. It is obvious that Porsche is seeking to improve emissions media range, only that if the German mark, it is a double impact in terms of unusual appearance. First, we talk about the Panamera – a model that is related to Porsche‘s history only trough the logo, and the second we mention that this is a hybrid Porsche Panamera, a solution that a few years ago the Porsche purists had it not even in nightmares. As usual, people got used to the idea much (more precise the Cayenne S Hybrid launch, exactly one year ago in Geneva 2010), and all the scenery meanwhile received a normal shade that hides the real and logical imperfections of such solutions.

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