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Geneva 2011 Live: IED Abarth Scorp-Ion – electrifying the future

IED design house will present at the Geneva Motor Show 2011 a futuristic concept bearing the Abarth logo. It is anticipating an electric-powered sport model: IED Abarth Scorp-Ion.

At the project big names from industry suppliers contributed such as Pirelli and OZ, but also famous designers such as Luca Borgogno (senior designer Pininfarina) and Luigi Giampaolo (Maserati designer), who supervised the work of seven young students (of Master Arts in Transportation Design) who draw the design lines.

As the named implied IED Abarth Scorp-Ion is meant to be a sports model, fully electric, measuring 401 cm long, 190 cm wide, 119 cm tall and has a wheelbase of 235 cm. According to its creators, IED Scorp-Ion is guided by a simple principle, introduced by Abarth sportsmanship in compact form.

Propulsion of the Abarth Scorp-Ion concept is provided by four electric motors located on each wheel and kept alive by Lithium-ion batteries. Battery pack is positioned behind the two seats and contribute to a very low center of gravity.

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