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Geneva 2011 Live: Ferrari FF – forgetting the past

Ferrari FF – the first model with four-wheel drive and 4-seater in the history of Ferrari reigns the Italian stand at Geneva Motor Show 2011.

Ferrari FF

Geneva Motor Show 2011 Live: Ferrari FF

Ferrari FF is one of the most anticipated new releases from the Geneva Motor Show. Italian model – the first in the history of Ferrari with four-wheel drive and seats – was and is still regarded as a freak of nature, a kind of artificial creation that serves to improve the performance of Ferrari in sales and more. Many compared it with the Porsche Cayenne SUV in the same way the Germans were received at the time of its release.

Ferrari FF Live at Geneva Motor Show 2011 – photo gallery

It is clear, however, that models of this kind will become increasingly more present in coming years, niche areas are the places that will get manufacturers attention to receive the largest possible slice of the market. In these circumstances, whether you like it or not, Ferrari FF will sell. And the Italians know it.

Geneva Motor Show 2011 Live – Ferrari FF Video

Ferrari FF via Ferrari

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