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Geneva 2010: Wiesmann GT MF4-S – The new Dülmener alternative

One can’t blame the guys from Dülmen: slow development. Anyone who looks at the model portfolio, actually found no real gap. And yet it we found in the Gecko factory one successfully made. The Wiesmann MF4 GT-S with 420 hp, completed the program. Standard bi-xenon headlights and a retractable rear spoiler distinguish it from normal MF4 GT.
For the past six years is consistent with the Wiesmann GT MF4, a closed vehicle in the price lists of Dülmenersportscar manufacturer – the sign of geckos. Since then, over 200 of these vehicles have been delivered worldwide to satisfied customers. After exactly one year, the MF4 and MF4-S Roadster two open versions of this vehicle were presented in Geneva, it was now time to deliver the S variant in the coupe.

The 4-liter V8 engine is familiar from the current BMW M3 and makes 309 kW / 420 hp. The GT MF4-S, has 1.3 tonnes weight, which can deliver excellent performance. To improve the driving dynamics compared to the normal MF4 yet to be received by S a modified bodywork. The front headlights are inserted into the body and work with bi-xenon technology. A spoiler lip provides proper traction on the axis view, while at the stern was a retractable spoiler is used. From 150 km/h it was raised in the wind and pushes the wide rear wheels neatly on the tarmac.

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