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Geneva 2010: Suzuki Kizashi comes on the Swiss market

Suzuki Kizashi from middle class model, is a small car and a four wheel for specialists who wants to tap the D-segment. The new flagship of the brand even come this year in Switzerland on the market and is equipped as standard with the intelligent all-wheel drive i-AWD. The 2.4-liter four-cylinder delivers 131 kW / 178 hp and develops a maximum torque of 230 Newton meters. His European debut in Geneva is the Swift plug-in hybrid. It has a 54 kW / 73 hp electric motor with lithium ion battery (54 kW) that can be recharged at any standard outlet. A three-cylinder gasoline engine with 660 cubic feeds in case of need during the trip, the battery in order to ensure energy supplies. Short of up to 20 kilometers travels the Swift plug-in hybrid almost exclusively in electric mode.

As another premiere at the 80th Geneva Motor Show, Suzuki will present the modified Grand Vitara. A redesigned rear door with no spare posited on giving the vehicle a modern look and easy to  drive in the city.

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